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last updated: 20.4.2015; - content s. below. Next update planned on: 4th. of May 2015, etc. (memberarea is updated at least twice a month). Update preview is eventually displayed later (updated appr. once in a month) than the contents available for members! I love the idea of my members getting the clips for them fully alone and enjoying them absolutely exclusively first! :)


Since beginning of 2013 videos are now available in even a better, a FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px widescreen quality! Before it was HD widescreen* 1280 x 720 px etc !!!!

most extreme golden steel heel locked up booties w net stockings high style spring lake Part 1+2
extreme high steel heel gold black high style crazy stiletto booties locked up net stocking legs in public

red fetish platform highheels & glamour stocking legs casual streetshots
glamour stocking legs silver seam red fetish highheels casual streetshots glamour leather gloves in public

most extreme golden steel high heel locked up booties with net stockings and high style for a springtime walk at the lake. Part 1+2

outdoor walking extreme high heels outdoor net stockings high style golden steel heel ultra high stiletto heel

a fantastic mixture of beautiful, sexy and crazy at these fetish platform highheels - with glamour nylons in a streetshot clip while I am waiting for my friends.

outdoor in public streetshots very high fetish platform heels seamed glamour stockings leather gloves stocking legs shoeplay

crazy curves with leo shine leggings crop top for bare waist and fine italian suede highheels
sexy leo leggings shine glamour italian highheel bare waist crop top fur bolero

sexy viol latex glamour dress *nearly hobble dress* with mega platform heels
violet latex kleid sexy fetish glamour hobble dress green mega highheel platforms

crazy curves in this leo shine leggings and waist baring fur bolero while walking these fine italian glamour highheels!

outdoor lycra/spandex leggings heels worn barefeet glamour platform highheels suede court shoes fur crop top/ bare waist

well it is *nearly hobble dress* so walking is possible though but it is the long tight glamourous latex dress making here the pace - well and megaplatform highheels aren´t exactly the right shoewear for such a walk as well... but what a glamourous look with some nice details as it is actually not warm enough yet for latex worn directly on skin outdoor

outdoor long glamour latex dress walking mega platform heels  outdoor extreme platform heels

Update 6th of April 2015

Cadillac Dangling decadence high class steeletto glamour
cadillac dangling decadence high class pointy steel stiletto heels pitone sheer tan pantyhose nylon legs

extreme fetish highheel easter dangling
rainbow extreme fetish highheels 6inchforever dangling close ups impressions

If some glamour decadency then the right way: lady matching a fine vintage car to the colour of her shoes.. But the actually not existant too-long-legs-problem becomes painfully obvious here in this shoeplay and show-off clip (is the car really more important than my designer dress?!?!)

high class steeletto by Fuss-Schuhe.de

indoor high style shoeplay, dangling tan nylon, pantyhose legs steeletto heels high class pointy steel stiletto heels

easter dangling special without easter eggs and easterbunnies but with incredible extreme rainbow fetish heels- dangling and close ups and more impressions.

extreme fetish highheels 6ihf by Peter Chu

outdoor extreme fetish platform heels crazy highheels outdoor dangling, shoeplay sheer tan pantyhose legs

high style fetish in public- glamour leather overknee boots & corset streetshots
high style coat glamour leather overknee designer stiletto boots extreme corset public streetshots

red metallic lycra catsuit & leo stiletto heels follow the wind in the hills
red metallic lycra catsuit black lace sexy leo stiletto heels crazy shine wind hills

high style fetish finest in public with incredibly hot leather designer overknee stiletto boots and very extremely laced looking corset over the glamour coat dress in this streetshot clip.

leather overknee boots : 1969 Italy
coat: Wolford Merino
corset: what Katie did

fetish in public streetshots extreme looking corset crotch high overknee boots leather overknee stiletto boots in public glamour outfit

the crazy shine of the metallic red lycra catsuit with leo stiletto heels, follow the wind...

outdoor metallic red lycra catsuit sexy very high stiletto heels leo highheels

edge to daring streetshots tan trench & fake platform heels too early springday for barelegs
tan platform heels trench barelegs springtime cold streetshots

extreme high steel heel crazy struggle  on cobblestones pseudodaring stayup stocking pantyhose legs
6ihf extreme highheel steeletto glitter vichy stay up nylon pantyhose legs pseudo daring  crazy cobblestones sightseeing

inspite of very decent colours quite on the edge to very daring for public to show more of my legs after the long winter though it is much too cold for going out without stockigns yet

outdoor in public streetshots heels worn barelegs platform highheels

highheel fetish victim à la sexy fetish secretary troubles on extreme high steel stiletto heels- obviously the wrong choice of shoes for sightseeing in ancient town with its cobblestones and narrow streets- troubles also with my actually not that daring pantyhose in hold on stocking look as well!

exterme highheels 6ihf by Peter Chu

outdoor streetshots extreme high steel heels crazy on highheels dangling pantyhose legs pantyhose in stayup stocking look sexy fetish secretary loud click clack on stones

mean snow troubles on very high stiletto mules with 2 short dress for girdle & ff nylon stockings  
mean snow troubles in forest road ff nylon stockings girdle 2 short minidress very high stiletto mules crazy

as my dress seems much too short for public especially worn like this with ff nylon stockings and flashing girdle, I felt it much too daring for the street and would take a road through the forest... who might have there is still so much snow, and the further, the worser it gets...

highheels: elite-heels.com

outdoor crazy on highheels highheels in snow full fashioned nylon stockings seamed nylon legs flashing girdle casual elegance

Update 16th of March 2015

amber 6 inch stiletto heels & sheer tan ph with fur & pompom fetish ;) springtime decadence Part 1+2
amber 6 inch stiletto heels sheer tan pantyhose legs fur pompom springtime casual decadence shoeplay

leather opera gloves and mint dress w extreme but cheap platform heels crazy snow struggle
leather opera gloves dress mint black opaque pantyhose legs extreme high cheap platform heels crazy funny struggle in snow

time for my decadent pompom fetish again;) part 1+2

highheels: elite-heels.com

outdoor walking extreme high heels shoeplay, dangling casual decadence pompons, amber, fur sheer tan pantyhose legs

I have obviously underestimated the bad quality of my cheap but extreme high platform heels as well as the weather - snow and ice in the mountains! Crazy1

outdoor crazy on highheels highheels in snow extreme high platform heels leather dress leather opera gloves opaque pantyhose legs

classy vintage very high and loud stiletto heels & seamed stocking design ph in public
classy vintage imagine very high stiletto loud steel click clack streetshots stay up desing seamed stocking legs public

Fantastic Rubber Latex Catsuit casualised in public
latex catsuit in public casualize fetish norweger fur fetish booties streetshots fantasticrubber

so classy beautiful very high vintage stiletto heels with loud click clack and sexy design pantyhose w red seam in stayup-look- so perfect for a perfect highheel walk in this streetshot clip, right ;)? .. NOT?? ;)

highheels: imagine /leatherworks
pantyhose: fiore

outdoor in public streetshots walking very high heels seamed stocking look sexy pantyhose in public loud click clack vintage fetish highheels stuck in heels

it seemed windy but thanks to the functional *casualising* warm enough to dare again, my latex catsuit by fantastic rubber to wear outside again!

latex catsuit FantasticRubber.de

outdoor latex catsuit in public streetshots casualize fetish fashion fur stiletto booties


Update 2nd of March 2015

ultra high crazy stiletto sandals with open straps teatime decadence streetshots & more

7 inch ultra high stiletto sandals 2 mules opaque pantyhose legs streetshots teatime decadence


cute fetish streetshots- violet corset, suede gloves, corset & overknee boots w chrome stiletto heels in public

violet corset gloves overknee boots chrome stiletto heel loud streetshots in public

When watching this clip I actually ask myself as well if and  how these ultra high and wobbly stiletto heels can be walkable at all? ;) especially as I would wear them with open straps like mules so they would have even less stability on the uneven and slippy streets! But if enjoying a tea-time break this way outside in the cold winter sun aside of city-rush some more decadence should be allowed too, shouldn´t it ;)

outdoor streetshots walking sandals with open straps opaque pantyhose legs fur shoeplay ultra high stiletto heels walking crazy high stiletto heels in public

crazy material mix in fresh Springtime colours, SO FETISH and still so cute in public with the violet suede gloves, fine laced corset over the coat  and overknee boots with chrome stiletto heels in this loud streetshot clip!

outdoor in public streetshots fetish in public suede gloves shiny overknee stiletto boots chrome heels corset

Latex Catsuit in private multifunctional bath
atlantis latex catsuit sensual wet multifunctional bath warm up tub private highheels barefeet wam


crazy colour flash peeptoe platform sling highheels with furry socks, leggings, leather skirt and pink with last snow!
pink colour flash crazy highheel platform italy1969 sling peeptoe heels leggings fur socks snow

taking a multifunctional bath especially good for latex at these temperatures: warming up in water and getting my amazing atlantis latex catsuit clean after wearing- quite sensual!

orig. pleaser heels e. g. via Fuss-Schuhe.de
latex catsuit: FantasticRubber.de

indoor WAM heels worn barefeet red toe nail polish wet latex catsuit

some crazy  colour flash in vintage style of the last century ;) with probably the last snow which I hope would not harm my precious but as crazy as well italian peeptoe platform sling highheels

highheels: 1969 Italy

outdoor crazy colour flash leggings leather miniskirt highheels worn with socks highheels in snow

and more, e. g. in March 2015 (here only some Videos as preview visible!!) Starting with 2013 all regular videoclips in FULL HD!!! 1920 x 1080 px!!! Halleluja :)

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Since beginning of 2013 videos are now available in even a better, a FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px widescreen quality! Before HD widescreen* 1280 x 720 px etc !!!!

download video

and more, e. g. in February 2015 (here only some Videos as preview visible!!) Starting with 2013 all regular videoclips in FULL HD!!! 1920 x 1080 px!!! Halleluja :)

.... Here click for MORE! ***hier clicken für MEHR!!!


  black leather fetish finest with catsuit, gloves & high class extreme high stiletto leather overknee boots
leder fetish finest leather catsuit opera gloves extreme high stiletto overknee boots

leather catsuit: crazy-outfits.de
6 inch heel high class leather overknee boots by Fuss-Schuhe.de

Daringly short shiny pvc miniskirt *casual* with opaque pantyhose, gloves and very high heels
elks red black very high stiletto heels pleaser domina vinyl pvc miniskirt shiny gloves pantyhose legs in public

orig. pleaser domina Heels e. g. at high-feelings.de

  teal fetish fashion peeptoe heels & stay up seamed stocking look ph legs in public
teal high style peeptoe fetish fashion platform heels casual elegance stay up seamed stocking look pantyhose legs streetshots public

ignorant black widow on extreme wedges with freezing bare feet in dangerous winter graveyard
black widow snowy graveyard fur extreme high heel wedges barefeet in snow barlegs crazy dangerous

snow witch on red extreme high heel sandals, net pantyhose & shiny pencil skirt
schneehexe red extreme high stiletto sandals crazy shiny pencil skirt net pantyhose legs cleaning snow

 megaplattform silver glitter heels w miniskirt & opaque pantyhose legs
silver glitter megaplatform opaque pantyhose legs miniskirt streetshots

black shine latex fetish glamour with high class mules - unpractical with coffee
black shine fetish unpractical coffee latex corset lacing miniskirt glamour pantyhose legs sexy steel tipped high class stiletto mules

pantyhose: fiore
highheels: elite-heels.com
latex corset: FantasticRubber.de

and more, e. g. in January 2015 (here only some Videos as preview visible!!) Starting with 2013 all regular videoclips in FULL HD!!! 1920 x 1080 px!!! Halleluja :)

.... Here click for MORE! ***hier clicken für MEHR!!!

High Style green & violet streetshots- shiny pantyhose legs & 2 large extreme highheel troubles in public
green violet high style suede 2 large extreme highheels troubles walking in public shiny pantyhose legs shoeplay streetshots

high style dress & pantyhose: wolford
highheels: Mori

crazy bicolour leggings and stiletto boots *casualized* in public
crazy leggings black red norweger double stiletto boots in public streetshots

slow down latex corset under sheer glamour dress & extreme highheel mules barelegs innocent fetish painting
latex corset hidden under sheer wolford fatal dress extreme high stiletto mules painting shoeplay

6 inch heels by estresmodes
orig. Wolford Fatal Sheer dress
latex corset: FantasticRubber.de

*plastic balls*;) Latex Catsuit material mix &  glamour fetish overknee stiletto boots
big boob latex catsuit pink black fetish shine high class stiletto overknee boots tight dress plastic balls

high class overknee boots: Fuss-Schuhe.de
latex catsuit: FantasticRubber.de

blue metallic lycra dress & opaque ph with wobbly crazy peeptoe platform heels in the mountains Part1 + 2
blue metallic lycra dress leo cheap platform peeotoe highheels struggle walk mountains

latex catsuit,  fur & hot glamour overknee stiletto boots fetish decadence crushing & streetshots
latex catsuit in public fur coat glamour designer overknee stiletto boots fetish decadence streetshots crushing

boots: orig. 1969 Italy
latex catsuit: FantasticRubber.de

high style warming up- opaque stocking legs with vintage fetish heels shoeplay
high style glamour divine red opaque stocking legs warming up shoeplay dangling

 vintage fetish heels: imagine

severe secretary elegance w extreme high heels and ff nylon stockings troubles on snow wet streets: Part 1 +2
snowy wet street troubles crazy on 6 inch high heels ff nylon stocking legs casual severe secretary elegance

6 inch highheels: elite-heels.com

extreme platform heels black ice & snow troubles 1+2
extrem plateau crazy platform highheels slippy black ice brown breeches winter snow


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